What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a one-of-a-kind meal replacement with no side effects or crazy ingredients. It’s been clinically tested time and time again with success rates across the board, proving it’s one of the most nutritionally dense and good for you drinks out there. Not only is it a smart nutritional choice, it’s also known for helping you bust through those last five pounds that so stubbornly stick around. Whether you’re on the go, with little time, or needing to get back on the healthy bandwagon, Shakeology is your secret weapon to a healthy life!

It's the simple recipe for success:

  • You won't feel deprived, because every delicious shake tastes like a sinful treat.
  • The proteins and healthy fats will help you feel fuller longer, so you're less likely to snack.
  • Superfoods help your body reduce cravings for junk food.
  • Increased energy means your workouts feel easier.

What's in Shakeology?

Shakeology is so incredibly healthy, there's no other single food item out there that can supply you with all the nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and minerals in the amounts you need the way one delicious shake can.
  • 70+ super-nutritious ingredients in Shakeology 
  • More than 70 super-nutritious ingredients.
  • Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals – to help reduce hunger and food cravings.
  • Antioxidants and Phytonutrients – to help detoxify and protect the body against free radical damage.
  • Adaptogen Herbs – to help increase energy and combat stress.
  • Prebiotics, Probiotics, Fiber, and Digestive Enzymes – to aid digestion and promote regularity.
So why do you drink it?

The reasons are simple
  • Tastes delicious!
  • An easy on the go meal that tastes like a treat.
  • Perfect for when you are too busy to prepare a healthy meal - that morning rush trying to get the kids to school, a busy working lunch, or very short lunch break, the possibilities are endless.
  • You are getting a super nutritious meal (even more so when you play around and add extras) for the same price or less than an unhealthy fast-food meal.
  • For anyone who isn't a big fan of vegetables, you are getting a wealth of nutrients you might not manage to get on your own.

It tastes great and makes you feel good. To me, there is nothing better!

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